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Well I'll be...

GJ is back up! ... for now, anyways. Quoted from ~system's latest news post:

There was a complete hard drive failure today in the main DB server - site now running on backup DB.

as mentioned earlier:
We recommend http://InsaneJournal.com with brand new servers and highly motivated admin and mods.

You can alwas export current Journals and Comments here:


The site is still iffy, and we're on the backup database server, but it's still up. It's highly suggested to backup your stuff while you still can. I'm using ljArchive, myself. It has a few issues about blank comments, but it will download everything.. eventually. I'm getting a lot of "unknown token" errors, which it gives when it times out, so it may take multiple attempts or downloading the content at another time when few are online. And only moderators of a community can back it up using this utility.
Hi,new here. Has anyone ACTUALLY managed to get their stuff saved in LJSEC or any of the exporting programs lately? I kept getting database unavailable and just now,it said " We're currently working on something. The site will be back up shortly.". Of course,this was AFTER comments I was saving suddenly went blank.

Is this happening to everyone else,too?

Holy fuck, so this community needs a post something firce.

So I go to comment on GJ and I get this. This has happened twice, and then it leaves the comment I left blank.


[Error: Got error 127 from table handler at /home/gj/cgi-bin/talklib.pl line 2383. @ web2.fedoraforum.org]

Get ready for the Epic Fail.

Finnigan, Begin Again!

As per cloverdilly's last post, creating journals on GJ has been disabled again, with a permanent link to InsaneJournal... and now we are once again down to 10 icons if you click on the YOUR PICTURES link. If you don't, you get to keep the ones you have, but no more.

It looks like it's permanent this time, since ~system's gone and put it on the main page!

Will the fun never cease? I have the feeling GJ is:

funny pictures

System resurfaces.

Am I the only one that wants to know what the hell is actually going on?

ETA: I received this comment from System.

2007-12-10 10:28 (link)
what I originally tried to prevent by locking account signups still happened: overflowing harddisks, fixed.

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ETA2: It was deleted.

ETA3: Thank the mighty nanet for this:

ScreenshotCollapse )
GJ is back up and running quite fast. How long do you think until it dies again?

Is there any hope?

Is Greatest Journal really gone forever? 

I don't care about icons or RPG or any of that stuff, and to be honest, I never quite understood any of it. (No offense to anyone, I truly respect everyone's interests here.) 

But my only concern is saving my personal journal from the past 4 years.  I'm sure I will be able to find most of the friends I've made through the sister community. This is the last thing I expected and I was curious as to if there was any news on the status of GJ.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. :-)